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Arte Interior & Style - Volare


A designer sofa becomes a high back, without losing any of its design. An all rounder which fits into every living area. backrest can be raised infinitely for a high back seat comfort. At the same time the seat depth is enlarged adjustable armrests functional stool: part of the seating surface can be converted into a backrest integrated table: practical shelf or folded up to offer additional storage space side table with sound system: enable the playback of music. For smartphones, tablet PCs, and much more

Sofa                      Table           Stool
H min.    76           H  25            H 40
H max.  103          D  130          D 45/80/70
D min.    92           W 130          W 150/125/112
D max.   95                            
SD min.  55
SD max. 65
SH          40             
W    268/238/212/200