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Arte Interior & Style - Alexa


Cleverly packaged and totally invisible functionality combined with a squishy-soft matted look and soft cubic form. With its agreeably cuddly upholstery, this piece of furniture ensures lots of wonderful comfort. pull-up headrest for a high back seat comfort novel motor-driven seat depth adjustment - seat is moving forward, short- time before the max. seat depth is reached the leg flap opens automatically (TOUCH IT Technology) integrated table: practical shelf or folded up to offer additional storage space side table with sound system: enable the playback of music.

Sofa                    Corner sofa         Table
H min.    75        W 314 x 243         H  31/37
H max.  102                                    D  88
D min.   115                                    W 88/70
D max.  167                            
SD min. 61
SD max. 112
SH         44               
W    137/117